You have any fetishes?

There are of course lots of things that turn me on but I dont really consider myself to have any specific fetishes. A lot of commonly suggested things like fetishes for bondage, high heels, feet, latex, leather…..etc etc……sure I understand them but they dont really tick any boxes for me.

Might seem a bit strange since I clearly go to “fetish clubs” every month and wear outfits that are clearly fetish influenced…..

I guess I have a mindset that is more interested in the circumstance of things rather than the things themselves. Sure anyone can wear fetishwear like thigh high boots or a rubber dress - personally for me its more about how they pull off that look, do they know how to carry themselves in that style and does it suit them?

Hard to explain I suppose.

Have you ever shot a real gun?

Up until the age of about 6 I owned a revolver - cant remember what calibre it was…….and my dad had a Colt 38 Super which we would use at a gun club. Then the laws changed in the UK and I havnt touched one since.


I look slightly crazy here….

I look slightly crazy here….

If you were playing DayZ in real life what would you wear and what gun would you have? X

Good question.

Assuming I could get my hands on any gun I wanted…..taking into account as many factors as I can think of…..lets assume I can carry maybe one sidearm and two rifles at most…..

Silenced pistol with a high capacity magazine would be essential. Something reliable and proven. I’ve always been a fan of the Beretta M9 pistol ever since I started watching all the old John Woo films like The Killer in which it is immortalised forever as the coolest weapon to dual-wield….but anyway……fairly high capacity mag (15+1) in a common calibre…..cant go wrong. Something I could whip out at close range and deal with zombies in tight spaces without causing too much noise….

Main weapons…….this is a tough decision.

I was considering shotguns…..for their raw power at close range…..but lots of bad points to outweigh the good….

Bulky ammo….takes up more space to carry than smaller rounds…..but very common….shotgun rounds are plentiful

Low fire rate…..if youre being swamped, you can fire one shot every few seconds or so unless you can pump that grip like a boss. 

However since the AA-12 came onto the scene, you have the ability to put 20 rounds downrange on full auto. A weapons platform that is made from minimal parts, rarely breaks or has stoppages, and can fire straight out of water. 

Main rifle…..dam. Theres a lot of choice out there. I can remember reading World-War-Z and the Zombie Survival Guide and the section on weapons choice…..and to be fair the author put a lot of thought into the realistic factors that would influence it….

Ideally you would want to avoid a weapon with a high RoF, because you would just cycle through ammunition too fast without possibly hitting your targets. Also the standard NATO rifle cartridge 5.56x45mm used in M16 / M4 config weapons for years has always been criticized for having too little stopping power….I’m no expert but Ive done a fair bit of reading and it is suggested that despite the rounds velocity - it often lacks the raw blunt force to drop a target dead in its tracks - like the larger 7.62x39mm round used in an AKM. When it comes to Zombies, you’re gonna need that raw power.

Therefore I would probably go for the FN SCAR-H Mk17. It could easily be attached with all kinds of tactical modules like an Acog scope, etc etc…..the barrel can be switched out for a CQB length variation and it uses the even larger 7.62x51mm NATO round which would suit all situations at range.

I've been playing a ton of BF3 when it went free on Origin a while back. The SVD is my favorite sniper rifle. I'd totally get the SVD. It's just tons of hot sexy. It'd look perfect in your hands! That gets my vote.

Im more concerned about the performance of the rifle - and the feedback ive had so far suggests that specific brand is shite.

Not a fan of BF3 anyway.

When you find a winning formula, stick to it :)
Thigh high boots and PVC never let me down….

When you find a winning formula, stick to it :)

Thigh high boots and PVC never let me down….

1. What do you consider yourself? a. Ts b. CD. C. Sissy? Haha 2. You single? 3. If youd date, male or female? 4. Can we send you outfits or clothes to wear? 5. Ever tried anal? 6. Would you ever consider movingto the U.S? 7. What turns you on? 8. Do you walk around nude in your house? 9. You uhh masturbate? 10. Your favorite T-Girl? Answer these please!! Thanks ;)

1) none of the above, im borderline tranny/drag

2) no

3) female

4) buy me boots i wont complain

5) none of your business

6) hell no I like england

7) a variety of things

8) ask my neighbours

9) would you believe me if i said no?

10) myself

I've seen you around in London but didn't want to approach you in case it would annoy you or something. Do you mind if people come up to you and say hey?

Of course I dont mind. Where was that?

I've always admired you, from your stylish and sexy look to your game dev. work. How do you keep such an itty-bitty waist? What are your secrets to getting those curves?

I highly recommend lots of sitting around doing nothing, a diet of KFC and binges of severe alcohol abuse….

No but really I dont have a tiny waist. Its slightly curved which is cool but, im far from skinny - and if you think my photos prove otherwise then its probably just down to the angle or me being good at posing :P

Looking quite a lot like a pissed off drag queen today.
Lips are looking quite big and swollen…..maybe ive been spending too much time with Collagen :P

Looking quite a lot like a pissed off drag queen today.

Lips are looking quite big and swollen…..maybe ive been spending too much time with Collagen :P

I have a friend that is really turned on at the idea of having his penis taken away and given a vagina. If you really thought about it, if it just happened, and you had a vagina, would you want your penis back?

"Taken away". Like…..taken by the penis police?

If mine just magically disappeared…..yes….I would fucking want it back! I have never wanted or even fantasized about having female genitalia and I never will. Just not for me :P

Would you ever get surgery to enhance your butt/boobs?

The idea is a huge turn on for me and a long standing fantasy but realistically I dont think its right for me to go down that route!

Some things are best left as fantasies and not taken too far.

I cant decide on what airsoft rifle I want next :(

Definitely want to go for a S.T.A.L.K.E.R loadout…..these are all classic examples…..

My choices are….from left to right

AIM SVD Dragunov - $220

Classic Russian sniper rifle In matte black rather than traditional wood. Would be a CO2 canister powered so very reliable unlike most green/red gas operated guns. With a recoil module and blowback feature on the cocking handle. Probably very accurate, would need to buy the PSO scope seperately which aint gonna be cheap - and reviews suggest that the quality isnt so great on the imitation versions.

LCT AS VAL - $363

Part of a limited edition release, so will be very rare and of awesome quality from this specialist workshop. Not sure on the actual firing capabilities of it as there are no reviews yet. Will want to mount a replica Kobra dot sight on top which again, might take some work to fit.

(Various) AKS74u

Still cant figure out which brand do the best AKSu but my brother had a VFC one years ago and it was pretty nice. Tokyo Marui did a new generation electric blowback but that seems to have gone straight out of stock with no plans to make more. I will definitely want a silencer and a Kobra sight again for this……

All of which I would be buffing and scratching up, adorning with bloodied rags and some wear&tear to look like they have been through the hands of several Stalkers :D

Just dropped by and skimmed through your blog, loved it! :) Holy crap you are so funny! :) love your Art! Looks über-sexy! And not to mention the Photos of you, damn you look amazing babe! :) keep rockin' and be as awesome as you are, always!

Never really thought of myself as funny?
But thanks :P

Miami Tranny Hooker Style :P

Always love doing that sort of look :D

I think my butt could do with being a little bigger but….im not complaining….